RV Water Pressure Regulator Questions

RV Water Pressure Regulator Questions

An RV or motorhome gives you the freedom to roam anywhere in the world. However, such vehicles needs a lot of care. It’s where the RV water pressure regulator comes into the picture.

Are you planning to purchase an RV? Keep in mind that you need to keep it maintained.

Plus, there are specific points that you should remember before scheduling your first camping trip.

The water system in an RV is simple. It’s the primary reason why some users think they can hook up the vehicle to any water outlet in the campsite and move ahead.

Well, the reality differs.

Water lines in an RV are very intricate.

Hence, high water pressure can easily damage them. What can be the most apparent results?

Water leaks, and there will be no traces to find the escape point. But, an RV water pressure regulator can save you from such problematic situations.

Do I need an RV water pressure regulator?

You might think that an RV water pressure regulator is not a necessary component. Some of the motorhome owners camp for many years without any problems, or maybe they are no interested in spending much on accessories. We understand their feelings, but we disagree with them as well.

The pressure of water flow varies in campsites. It can be very high, low, or moderate, depending upon the area. Plus, the force also changes with the season. This variable pressure can cause damage to the water system of your RV. So, a water regular is a valuable item that you can use every time you hook to an outdoor water outlet.

What are the Best RV Water pressure regulators?

We hope now you understand the importance of using water pressure in your RV. So, you can try such a component in your vehicle. But, how will you choose the suitable model? Let us suggest some of the best water pressure regulators for your motorhome or RV.

1. Camco RV Inline Water Pressure Regulator – 40055

One of the simplest water regulators you can find in the market, this Camco 40055 does not include any gauge or flow adjustment settings. However, it maintains a consistent water pressure between 40 to 50 PSI.

The regulator is made of brass, and there is no trace of lead. So, the water drawn is safe for drinking as well. We suggest that you use Teflon tape in case of any leaks.

This pressure regulator is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. Still, it’s one of the most durable options available. So, you can invest this small amount to keep your water system safe.

2. Camco Water Pressure Regulator – 40064

Another high-quality regulator by Camco, the 40064, is also made of brass like the previous model. Its working is also similar, but there is an addition. Camco 40064 comes with a gauge that shows you the water pressure. Moreover, you can use it to fill drinking water as well.

This regular is also available at a reasonable price. However, the cost is higher than the previous recommendation because this 40064 has an inbuilt gauge. Plus, you will not find any leaks while using this one.

3. Senator M11-0660R Water Pressure Regulator

Senator is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality water pressure regulators for RVs and motorhomes. The M11-0660R is also a fantastic option, which has all the options that you need. This pressure regulator has a built-in gauge, but here is something special. Its meter is adjustable, which you can set the water pressure as per your preferences.

M11-0660R is very easy to install, use and adjust. You will like using this model because it fits most of the water outlets. Similar to the previous two recommendations, the Senator regulator is also made of lead-free brass. It’s comparatively expensive but has the features to justify the price tag.

How to adjust my RV water pressure regulator?

If you choose an RV water regulator that offers pressure adjustment, then you must know how to use this function. Do not worry because changing the pressure is very fast and easy. You only need a screwdriver to increase or decrease it.

Most of the adjustable regulators come pre-set at 45 PSI. However, it’s better to check the pressure before connecting it with your RV pipe. If you want to change it, then use a flathead screwdriver to rotate the pressure screw. Check the pressure limitations of your vehicle and then adjust it accordingly.

What is the best water pressure for my RV?

If you cannot find the proper water pressure for your motorhome, stick to our suggested limits. All the new RVs need 60 PSI, and the old ones are good with 50 PSI. Try to use these two marks on your regulator to avoid any damage due to water pressure.

How do I know if my RV water pressure regulator is bad?

Sometimes you might face problems with the water pressure regulator. But, you will know such faults immediately because an end-of-life or non-functional regulator will not provide the required water pressure. You can replace the regulator in such conditions. However, there are other things to check if you notice low or zero pressure in your RV’s water system. The reasons are given below:

  • Clogged or damaged hose: Check the hose and try to get rid of any clogs. Replace the hoe if it’s the end of life and cannot offer the required flow.
  • Filthy water filter: Clean or replace the filter.
  • Clogged mesh: Clean the mesh to fix this trouble.
  • Clogged regulator: Replace the regulator.

If you don’t notice any symptoms mentioned above, the problem is with the water supply instead of the regulator. You can consider using a faucet aerator if you stay on the same campsite for some more days. Or you can switch to an aerated showerhead or faucets. Such fixtures make the pressure strong as the water flows out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to know more about the RV water pressure regulator? check the following frequently asked questions by other users.

How to use an RV water pressure regulator?

As we discussed, use the water pressure regulator every time you hook up the RV to a water resource. Clean the regulator frequently so that it can do the job without any problem. Install it carefully and adjust the water pressure if there is any such setting available. Replace the regulator when it’s at the end of life or not maintaining the pressure correctly.

How do I install an RV water pressure regulator?

The regulator fits between the water outlet and the RV hose. Such an arrangement maintains correct pressure before the water enters the system. Twist the regulator to attach it with the spigot and then connect your freshwater hose.

How to remove an RV water pressure regulator?

Taking out a water pressure regulator is similar to its installation process. Twist the hose, take it out and then twist to remove the regulator as well. You can use a plier if it’s stubborn, but be careful.

What does the “PSI” in an RV water pressure regulator mean?

Pound-force per square inch (PSI) is a unit to measure pressure. So, it’s used wherever water and air pressure comes into the picture.

Bottom Line

We hope now know how the water pressure varies in campsites and why you need an RV pressure regulator? Such a component adds more comfort and peace of mind to your trips because your RV’s water system is safe from any damages caused by fluctuating water pressure. Happy Journey!

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