Where Are Leak Detection Devices Typically Installed?

You might be wondering where to install a leak detection system?

We’ll cover this answer here.

Install the leakage detecting device at the point right before the water flows into your house. Everything else should be connected afterward. Make sure no water flows to a fixture or appliance before it passes through the detection mechanism.

Even if you have deployed a water filtration system or softener, it should be connected after the detector. Such an arrangement protects your house if the water filters are clogged or leaking.

Do you have a water heater in your house?

Install the leak detection system before the heater connects. The leak inspector stops any damage if the heater fails or its tanks burst. Hence, you are safe from basement floods or a waterlogged garage.

Point of use leak detectors is also available. You can install such a unit under your kitchen sink, specially fitted for the water filtration system.

It’s also helpful if you doubt that your sink is leaking. These units can notify you using an alarm and even shut down the water supply in case of a leakage.

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How Do I Install a Leak Detection System?

Both mechanical and ultrasonic detection systems need some alteration to your house plumbing. We suggest that you consult an expert plumber, especially if you are a beginner.

The plumber cuts, measures, and solders the plumbing system depending upon its built materials. Keep in mind that this mechanism has to be connected before any of the water-consuming fixtures or appliances.

A leak detection system that monitors the water flow without any feature to shut it down is simple to install.

Plus, the ultrasonic systems are also easy to configure because of their simple construction.

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You can set up a reverse osmosis leak detector by connecting it to the incoming water supply using LLDPE tubes. Then, establish the tubing from the reverse osmosis system’s outlet to finish the configuration.

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